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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

yay...today was not a bad day at all my first period was science pratical kinda fun we had to boil the leave at put alcohol than dunno what the point is to test if the leave got starch....when we were keeping the science stuff my bench partner wanted to scare the girls beside them by spraying some tap water towards them because the tap was in the middle he turn the host towards them when he turn on the tap suddenly one line of water just came out the two girls were like shocked and the water sprayed towards the window hahaha we were all laughing than my partner said eh? how to turn off one ahhh little did he know he was making the water stronger hahaha....in the end he had to cleave everything up....that was funny.....hmmm...during english period we had to make up a story the teacher gave us some picture and we had to combine them in our groups...well i made up some stupid story and made everyone laugh haha something like the boy went into this old looking house and when he sneezes a geniue appeared hahaha....well my story was the most interesting one but heres the catch i did not write anything hahaha i was saying out and creating it at the same time hahaha....thats me!! i am a funny guy haha those who knows me personally lah ah well...thats all i had to say for today ooo its 10.10pm already....wow such a long post....

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