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Monday, July 03, 2006


sunday today was a very fun day woohoo like all sundays they are fun went to church had a great time sia...today cell very short but we played captain's ball and soccer wha playing soccer damn funny sia...we cannot find a goal post so we used the park the bench the very tiny hole hahaha the chances of the ball getting in that hole is like 1%? the hole is just extreamly small lah whoever score 2 points wins the game we got like 4v4 cause some people dun wana play so i was like sitting on the bench under the tress slacking while the other 3 were playing like siao cause we wore jeans than is like super hot...than after a while marcus got tired of playing so he sitted with me on the opponent's bench we were using our legs to like open and close for the goal post hahaha after a while somehow they scored one point i dunno how is like there was no goally haha... i even tried sitting on the ball to role it but somehow sheryl kicked the ball...than awhile more ian got tired and startedsitting on our goally bench(we were sitting on the other side) haha now here is the funny part the ball was out and its our ball so dillion(the last guy on the field) took op the ball and saw us 3 sitting down HAHAHAHA he dint know who to throw too haha that damn funny so he drop the ball and started to dribble around HAHAHA nobody was even tackling him and his dribbling hahaha i was like laughing ntil my stomach hurts hahaha even now i'am still laughing when i'am typing this his super blur haha man...i love it marcus was laughing until his pee wana come out haha ahhh good times i wish got got more of this...funny times after cell group its speedlight hmm i dont think i was paying attention heard some stuff of must keep promisses...yah than after speedlight don't know why salome asked me out to eat dinner alone that weird....she dint tell me the reason tho...well after that i came home than go eat dinner than spent the whole night trying to find more links cause this blog is new haha ok i'am just being lame now well.. that it BYE BYE...

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