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Monday, July 24, 2006

haha...today was fun in band the whole band with the npcc and the ncc and the boys brigate was under the sun for like 3hrs? yeah keep rehearsing for national day parade booorrinng played some songs lol quite alot so i don't really remember some are like mission impossible 2 and festival march this kind...yeah some fast song i just pretend to play haha well the band president got quite irratated cause the guy infront keep saying screwing up play..don't play..sian he wanted to go up and beat him up haha cause no teacher than very un-coordinated...end up the teacher came..yah.....so we play until 6.30 plus went back to band room dunno why the new band president say ok now fill up your water bottles with water no water bottles than go buy in the vending machine...i don't have so i went to the vanding maching and its sold out..!! ahh so sad hmmm than what happend... oh yah we went to the parade square my senior said we are gonna have a water parade...i was thinking what was that??? is it like some water games? so i asked her again no lah its to drink water...diaoz yah...ok the new band president say ok start!! than everybody start splashing water ahhh hahaha we all scatter everybody was looking at us haha it was funny even the uniform groups haha oh well one of the sec 4 senor lock the band room to prevent us from comming in haha evil guy lol...well than mostly the sec 2 3 4 got wet sec 1 very little..so sad sia i dun have water wanted to splash hiaz...wasted wanted to bring my water bottle today loh....ah well i hope this year got another "water parade" haha...well oh yeah did i say while i was half way playing my french horn under the hot song my voice suddenly change ahhh dunno break or what lah sian until now still the same i want my old voice!! thats all for today.... ByE ByE...

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