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Monday, August 21, 2006

hmmm...i accdentaly deleated one of my post but i dint know i deleated it because the whole blog is in chinese and it sucks man i dint even post that post sian....freaking blogspot...lol today there is some jap students came for some school exchange programme kinda funny cause they don't really understand us..yeah...today is fun....no english teach and DnT teacher never come so shoik half of us at the DnT classroom play ahaha so fun i keep playing with the driller find any wood in table than drilllll haha so fun than still got play with the saw i sawed the table tho...=p yeahhh that was fun...today very relax sia its equal to not going to school but tomorrow got 2 test....=/ i study very little...i hope i past my chinese...yup thats for today..


Sunday, July 30, 2006

hmm...*poke poke* is it dead yet? lol better do some posting lol hmm actually i don't really have things to say yay tomorrow don't need to go school because its IT day wooohooo but need to go back at 1 for geog remedial sian....i hope i pass my commom test for geog sia haha well i'am looking forward for this week because its FOP(Festival Of Praise) its a concert the queue is gonna be veeerrryyy long though haha yeah well thats all for today quite tired so my brain dosen't want to think anything actually i got lots of things this week but maybe its just too much i can't think of anything to say or type haha well that all for today see ya..!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

haha...today was fun in band the whole band with the npcc and the ncc and the boys brigate was under the sun for like 3hrs? yeah keep rehearsing for national day parade booorrinng played some songs lol quite alot so i don't really remember some are like mission impossible 2 and festival march this kind...yeah some fast song i just pretend to play haha well the band president got quite irratated cause the guy infront keep saying screwing up play..don't play..sian he wanted to go up and beat him up haha cause no teacher than very un-coordinated...end up the teacher came..yah.....so we play until 6.30 plus went back to band room dunno why the new band president say ok now fill up your water bottles with water no water bottles than go buy in the vending machine...i don't have so i went to the vanding maching and its sold out..!! ahh so sad hmmm than what happend... oh yah we went to the parade square my senior said we are gonna have a water parade...i was thinking what was that??? is it like some water games? so i asked her again no lah its to drink water...diaoz yah...ok the new band president say ok start!! than everybody start splashing water ahhh hahaha we all scatter everybody was looking at us haha it was funny even the uniform groups haha oh well one of the sec 4 senor lock the band room to prevent us from comming in haha evil guy lol...well than mostly the sec 2 3 4 got wet sec 1 very little..so sad sia i dun have water wanted to splash hiaz...wasted wanted to bring my water bottle today loh....ah well i hope this year got another "water parade" haha...well oh yeah did i say while i was half way playing my french horn under the hot song my voice suddenly change ahhh dunno break or what lah sian until now still the same i want my old voice!! thats all for today.... ByE ByE...

Monday, July 17, 2006

okay i am starting to think that blogging is for girls haha.....i think i will post lesser from this day onwards.....hiaz so tiring came back from church last night reach home around umm...11.30? attended this very nice sermon i actually paid attention for the whole sermon...its very interesting...it talks about life is just like a race and you got to complete it when you complete it you're dead la haha...you got to vision your race and there are 4 steps to complete your race hmmm..i can't remember anyone of them need to find out haha...yeah....today was kinda boring at least got end school early than after school was band all of the sec 1 was playing soccer even me haha actually not all like 3 people did not play they were praticing their instrument...play until senior chase us to the band room...haha oh well dint really pratice until around 3 plus cause my section senior went for their higher chinese listening comprehention so i was alone....=/ haha so today was kinda boring..i just found out than i had to pratice the national athem and the mission impossible and some other more to join the main band ahh...sian..ah thats all haha...-end of post-

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

yay...today was not a bad day at all my first period was science pratical kinda fun we had to boil the leave at put alcohol than dunno what the point is to test if the leave got starch....when we were keeping the science stuff my bench partner wanted to scare the girls beside them by spraying some tap water towards them because the tap was in the middle he turn the host towards them when he turn on the tap suddenly one line of water just came out the two girls were like shocked and the water sprayed towards the window hahaha we were all laughing than my partner said eh? how to turn off one ahhh little did he know he was making the water stronger hahaha....in the end he had to cleave everything up....that was funny.....hmmm...during english period we had to make up a story the teacher gave us some picture and we had to combine them in our groups...well i made up some stupid story and made everyone laugh haha something like the boy went into this old looking house and when he sneezes a geniue appeared hahaha....well my story was the most interesting one but heres the catch i did not write anything hahaha i was saying out and creating it at the same time hahaha....thats me!! i am a funny guy haha those who knows me personally lah ah well...thats all i had to say for today ooo its 10.10pm already....wow such a long post....

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

hmmm...today was boorring... like everyday its boring haha oh well...nothing to say actually....just to prevent to become it dead lol...i'am still quite tramertise(dunno how to spell so too lazy) oh yah..my music teacher asked me to play my french horn infront of the class...oh my goodness i should not have told her i play the f.horn so embarrassing...i think my guitar skills are getting better loh everyone dunno i can play haha whoever sees me play will be super schock.....*boasting*..RED......my friend wanted me to watch the scary movie 4 in his home but somehow i did not go....wasted sia thats all i can say for today bye bye (whoever is reading it prolly nobody LOL)...hmm need to find more bloggers

Sunday, July 09, 2006

ahhh....today i got into a car accident when i was heading to church when my mom fetch me...it happen super fast i was in a car listening to the radio than BANG!!! ahhh my leg got stuck and the metal stick,stick into my lower part of the leg it was pain.....and the car got alot of smoke ahhh than the car also dented by alot my out more.....

Friday, July 07, 2006

ok.....today was fun in school....well i get to sneak drinks into classrooms because my school system change every different subject i had to go to diffrent classroom its kinda tiring tho but after recess i just bought like 1 packet of drink and put into my school side pocket during lesson my and my classmate just sneakily drink the lemon barley drink hahaha its kinda funny when we need to look out of the teacher....haha....after recess my classmates was like spitting saliva from the 4th floor too the 1st floor it drop onto this guy who was speaking to his friend and he like slowly look up hahaha that moment was very funny i bet his thinking like where did this drop of water come from....hahaha and after that it kinda get boring i just got this special pen from my classmate when my form teacher is teaching.....a few minutes later it got confiscated cause i was playing with it =/ thats sad but its cool because its a invisible pen when u write on somthing only this specific blue light can see it only.....how coool it that hahaha my first time..i tried to bluff the teacher said i need to use it for the project but din't work heh oh well thats the end of my school day....boooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiinnnggg

Monday, July 03, 2006

wahh...today very tired...woke up in the morning at play computer games after that i need to go jogging with my mom because she asked me too....well....jogging was not fun because i had to carry the heavy water bottle full of water haha...but it also helps me to increase my stamina....so i jog at bukit timah hill for like one and a half hour....so tiring after that i went back and watched some T.Vs haha after that i ate my dinner =/......and somehow i passes the time untill now....what a boring day it is well thats all for today....its very boring so i can't write anyting else hahaha good night gonna sleep very tired.....


sunday today was a very fun day woohoo like all sundays they are fun went to church had a great time sia...today cell very short but we played captain's ball and soccer wha playing soccer damn funny sia...we cannot find a goal post so we used the park the bench the very tiny hole hahaha the chances of the ball getting in that hole is like 1%? the hole is just extreamly small lah whoever score 2 points wins the game we got like 4v4 cause some people dun wana play so i was like sitting on the bench under the tress slacking while the other 3 were playing like siao cause we wore jeans than is like super hot...than after a while marcus got tired of playing so he sitted with me on the opponent's bench we were using our legs to like open and close for the goal post hahaha after a while somehow they scored one point i dunno how is like there was no goally haha... i even tried sitting on the ball to role it but somehow sheryl kicked the ball...than awhile more ian got tired and startedsitting on our goally bench(we were sitting on the other side) haha now here is the funny part the ball was out and its our ball so dillion(the last guy on the field) took op the ball and saw us 3 sitting down HAHAHAHA he dint know who to throw too haha that damn funny so he drop the ball and started to dribble around HAHAHA nobody was even tackling him and his dribbling hahaha i was like laughing ntil my stomach hurts hahaha even now i'am still laughing when i'am typing this his super blur haha man...i love it marcus was laughing until his pee wana come out haha ahhh good times i wish got got more of this...funny times after cell group its speedlight hmm i dont think i was paying attention heard some stuff of must keep promisses...yah than after speedlight don't know why salome asked me out to eat dinner alone that weird....she dint tell me the reason tho...well after that i came home than go eat dinner than spent the whole night trying to find more links cause this blog is new haha ok i'am just being lame now well.. that it BYE BYE...

Saturday, July 01, 2006

syf stinks

wah so tired today....morning need to cut my haird than i need to got to school for syf opening ceremony it sucks lah there were so many people and the weather is so hot loh then there is only 1 drink stall which sell only 1 drink which is pepsi and its not even cold the worst thing about it is that it cost 2 bucks and its like 1 smal little tiny cup so ex and still got so many poeple wana buy i don't belive it maybe because there is only 1 stall there hahaha so sian...there is one girl she shouted stop pusing quite a few times untill the stupid uncle stop selling becuase she was very loud, i waited for like 1 hr plus than he stop selling infront of me......thats insane.... well i missied half the parade its all bang here and bang there with the drums balloons are flying around in the sky haha thats super lame...haha came back at 9.30pm so late no more energy liao gonna sleep...bye bye

Friday, June 30, 2006


hi whats up i got this syf opening ceremony tml so sian need to go i oso so tired want to sleeep i just created this blog so plan lol need to add a tag board hmm i must figure out how to do that lol this screen is lagging or maybe is the come lol who cares so boooorrriiinnngggg today my schiil got thii youth day celeberation haha than stupid sia i dun belive the teachers did cat walk ahahaha thants so funny than theres one that acted sexy my puling down her hair hahaha everybody was shouting around some doing their stuff than theres one funny part where we had to guess the teachers when they were young its super funny la there is one picture everybody tot it was a girl so everyone was guessing all the femal teacher name lah but its not than at then end of that round it was a male teacher hahahaha man....that was funny sia everyone was laughing cause the mc got it wrong....ah well at least monday is a holiday weee...sighning of hehe nothing else to say bye bye....

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